Thursday, July 29, 2021

New RonDB releases

It is in the middle of the summer, but we found some time to prepare a new RonDB release. Today we are proud to release new RonDB versions.

RonDB is a stable distribution of NDB Cluster, a key-value store with SQL capabilities. It is based on a release of MySQL, an SQL database server.

RonDB 21.04.1 is the second release of the stable version of RonDB. It contains 3 new features and 18 bug fixes. We plan to support RonDB 21.04 until 2024.

RonDB 21.10.1 is the first beta version of RonDB 21.10. It contains 4 new features that improves throughput of the DBT2 benchmark by 70% compared to RonDB 21.04.1.

Detailed release notes are available in the RonDB documentation.

The new features in RonDB 21.04.1 are:

  1. Support for primary keys using Longvarchar in ClusterJ, the native Java API for RonDB
  2. Support for autoincrement in the ndb_import tool
  3. Killing ndbmtd now uses a graceful shutdown avoiding unnecessary abort
The new features in RonDB 21.10.1 are:
  1. Improved placement of primary replicas
  2. Removing index statistics mutex as a bottleneck in MySQL Server
  3. More flexibility in thread configuration
  4. Use query threads also for Reads which locks the row
Work on RonDB 21.04.2 is already ongoing and is mainly focused on backporting bug fixes from MySQL 8.0.24 through 8.0.26 that are deemed safe and important enough for a back port. The branch used for development of RonDB 21.04 is called 21.04.

Work on RonDB 21.10.2 has already started where we integrated changes from MySQL 8.0.26. The branch used for RonDB 21.10 is called 21.10.1.

There is ongoing work on RonDB to improve use of memory resources. This includes making schema memory use the global memory resources. It also introduces some common malloc functions using global memory resources. This development is a base for many future RonDB improvements that will make it easier to develop new features in RonDB. This work is found in the branch schema_memory_21102 currently.

Here is the GitHub tree for RonDB.

The flexible thread configuration was used for some research on thread pipelines presented in this blog.

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