Friday, April 05, 2019

Manual for dbt2-, fully automated Sysbench and DBT2 benchmarking with NDB

The link dbt2.0.37.50 manual provides the details of how to use the dbt2-0.37.50 scripts
to execute benchmarks using MySQL Cluster.

These scripts can be used to execute automated test runs of Sysbench, DBT2 and
FlexAsynch. I also use it to start up NDB Clusters to run DBT3 benchmarks and
YCSB benchmarks.

This set of scripts originates from 2006 when I wanted to automate all my benchmark
efforts. The most challenging benchmarks constitute starting more than 100 programs
to work together and using more than 100 machines. This requires automation to
be succesful.

Now running any benchmark is a 1-liner e.g.
./ --default-directory /path/to/dir --init

The preparation to run this benchmark is to place a file called autobench.conf in
/path/to/dir. This contains the configuration of the NDB data nodes, NDB MGM
servers, MySQL Servers and the benchmark programs. Multiple benchmark
programs are supported for Sysbench, DBT2 and flexAsynch.