Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My endeavour to build MySQL on Windows

I recently worked a lot on getting my local Windows box to compile Windows.
I got a lot of help from the below link that took me a few steps towards the

I had to save away my bison installation, uninstall it and then also
go into a registry editor and remove the various links to the Start Menu referring to
some help for Bison that had spaces in the registry. Resolving this meant that I could
manually run bison on the files in the mysql tarball and get the desired result. But it
was still not enough, I still had the same error when running a full automatic compile.

So then I found the following link coming to my rescue.

With the aid of this link I realised that I had to make sure that the correct bison
executable was started. So in order to get this to happen I ensured that C:\GnuWin32
was the very first part in PATH.

With this final touch I was finally able to get my Windows builds of MySQL and
MySQL Cluster to work like a charm. I still don't fully understand why the
second step was necessary, but it worked which is good enough for me :)

Do I understand why Windows supports spaces in file names, no.