Saturday, May 05, 2007

Performance White Papers on MySQL Cluster

I've been working on some very interesting benchmarking using the
DBT2 test suite developed by OSDL for MySQL Cluster. As part of this
work I've made significant additions to the DBT2 test to enable clustered
test runs. I've also developed a set of scripts to enable easy start and
stop of MySQL Cluster processes.

The benchmarks include comparisons of various connect methods using
Ethernet and Dolphin Express cards. It also discusses improvements using
the latest version of the Intel Core2 architecture.

As part of this work I discovered a couple of essential performance
optimisations and scalability optimisations. All these improvements
are currently being integrated in MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition.
To enable those wanting "bleeding edge"-access I've also made the
benchmark version available on

A short white paper and the full white paper can be downloaded from and a MySQL-focused version of the white paper
can be downloaded from contains
the exact links for all material available from various places.

The full white paper contains also recommendations of HW architectures
to use for optimal MySQL Cluster performance and scalability.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Performance Tuning of MySQL Cluster

As you probably have noticed my blog has been a bit quiet lately. I've
been very busy with some very interesting developments. I've been
working very hard on benchmarking of MySQL Cluster together with
Dolphin and Intel. There will be a lot of material coming out from this
the next couple of weeks. I've prepared a couple of white papers on
how MySQL Cluster can scale to new heights.

I'll have a presentation at the MySQL Users Conference
where I'll describe all the interesting tidbits of how to tune MySQL
Cluster performance. This will include both choice of HW, use of
configuration parameters, which particular new features to especially
look out for and so forth.

If you want to prepare for this then download the white papers that
will be available from MySQL and from Dolphin
They should be available there in about a week or so.

Then come and listen to my session at the Users conference at
5.30 on tuesday 24 april. If you still have questions or want to know
even more then come and talk to me, I'll be around at many of
the MySQL Cluster presentations, at the MySQL and the Dolphin
booths in the exhibition hall.

It's been a really interesting project to work on and it's great to be able
to show all these new results that show how one can make use of
MySQL Cluster in a really scalable way.

For those that wish to try the benchmarks out themselves there will
also be a large number of scripts made available to simplify set-up
of MySQL Cluster for large clusters and a fairly heavily revised version
of DBT2 that can be used to run large benchmarks using MySQL
Cluster. More on this later, check out the blog next week for more
info on this.

For those of you that want to know the latest news on partitioning
as well I will also make a presentation of this at the Users conference.
It will include a description of partitioning in 5.1, how to make use
of partitioning for better scalability in MySQL Cluster and finally also
some notes about some new cool developments that are ready to
be put into the 5.2 version of MySQL.