Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Setting up an NDB Cluster in the Oracle Cloud using Auto Installer

In MySQL Cluster 8.0.18 we have developed MySQL Cluster Auto Installer to
also support installing NDB :)

We have made it very easy to setup an NDB Cluster in the Oracle Cloud.
The Auto Installer will take care of installing the proper software, installing
firewalls, installing some supportive software. Most of the testing of this
software have been done against Oracle Cloud using instances with Oracle
Linux 7.

I prepared two Youtube videos to show how it works. The first one gives some
insights into setting up the Compute Instances required in the Oracle Cloud.

Setup compute instances in Oracle Cloud for MySQL Cluster AutoInstaller

The second video uses these compute instances to set up an NDB Cluster.

Setting up an NDB Cluster in the Oracle Cloud using Auto Installer

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Setting up MySQL Cluster on local machine using AutoInstaller

We have a new version of the MySQL Cluster Auto Installer. I have prepared 3
Youtube videos that shows how to make use of the Auto Installer to install and
set up a cluster on your local machine.

This is my first attempt at making Youtube videos to explain things around
MySQL Cluster.

The Auto Installer is intended as a tool to make it easy to get a cluster up and
running. It is NOT intended for managing a cluster.

The first Youtube video Install MySQL Cluster 8.0.18 on Mac OS X shows how
to install MySQL Cluster 8.0.18 on Mac OS X. This is obviously trivial, so should
be straightforward to do even without the video.

The second Youtube video Starting a local MySQL Cluster using Auto Installer sets
up a small cluster with 1 management server, 2 data nodes and 1 MySQL Server and
explains some details around this.

Using MySQL Cluster AutoInstaller to start development with NDB goes a bit deeper
and also shows how to make use of the cluster and do some trivial operations
through a MySQL client and the NDB management client. It also shows how one can
extend the possible configurations supported by directly manipulating configuration
files deployed by the Auto Installer.

A little note for Mac OS X users with high resolution is that full 4K resolution is
available through Google Chrome, not through Safari.