Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Setting up MySQL Cluster on local machine using AutoInstaller

We have a new version of the MySQL Cluster Auto Installer. I have prepared 3
Youtube videos that shows how to make use of the Auto Installer to install and
set up a cluster on your local machine.

This is my first attempt at making Youtube videos to explain things around
MySQL Cluster.

The Auto Installer is intended as a tool to make it easy to get a cluster up and
running. It is NOT intended for managing a cluster.

The first Youtube video Install MySQL Cluster 8.0.18 on Mac OS X shows how
to install MySQL Cluster 8.0.18 on Mac OS X. This is obviously trivial, so should
be straightforward to do even without the video.

The second Youtube video Starting a local MySQL Cluster using Auto Installer sets
up a small cluster with 1 management server, 2 data nodes and 1 MySQL Server and
explains some details around this.

Using MySQL Cluster AutoInstaller to start development with NDB goes a bit deeper
and also shows how to make use of the cluster and do some trivial operations
through a MySQL client and the NDB management client. It also shows how one can
extend the possible configurations supported by directly manipulating configuration
files deployed by the Auto Installer.

A little note for Mac OS X users with high resolution is that full 4K resolution is
available through Google Chrome, not through Safari.

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