Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MySQL 5.5.4-m3 scales to 32 cores

The newly released MySQL 5.5 beta version MySQL 5.5.4-m3
has a large number of significant performance improvements.
These improvements makes it possible for MySQL to scale
well even on 32-core servers. The graph below shows how
MySQL 5.5.4-m3 scales from 12 cores to 32 cores using a
single thread per core. The benchmark used here is
dbStress. dbStress uses a number of tables which spreads
the impact of mutexes and improves scalability.

The graph below shows a similar scalability analysis on a
smaller server where the benchmark used was Sysbench RW.
The red line shows the scalability of MySQL 5.1.45, the
green line shows scalability of MySQL 5.5.3-m3 and the
blue line shows MySQL 5.5.4-m3. So this graph shows that
even with a single table in Sysbench RW we are able to
scale very well to 16 cores. The graph also displays how
our work on scaling MySQL since the release of MySQL 5.1
as GA in december 2008 is paying off in a significant
manner. So MySQL is following very well in the development
of new multi-core CPUs. The major performance enhancement
in MySQL 5.5.3-m3 is the use of the InnoDB plugin with
its inclusion of Google patches and other significant
enhancements to InnoDB. MySQL 5.5.4-m3 contains a large
number of new scalability enhancements that will be
explained more about on this blog.


Mark Callaghan said...

We need more details and results. The InnoDB/MySQL devel teams did a lot of work that is new in 5.5.4. It will take us some time to understand all of that and learn how to tune it.

Anonymous said...

Also you need to work more on non-acid engine aka MyISAM. Not everybody needs overhad of transactions and such.