Thursday, October 30, 2008

New launchpad tree for PARTITION BY RANGE COLUMN_LIST(a,b)

A colleague of mine at Sun/MySQL showed me how to get
statistics from my blog. This was an interesting read
of all statistics. I noted that there was a great
interest in partitioning related information and that
the new partitioning feature mentioned in my blog
2 years ago still attracts a lot of attention.

So I thought it was a good idea to blog a bit more
about what's going on in the partitioning
development. I decided to check out how easy it is
to externalize my development trees on launchpad.
It turned out to be really easy so I simply
put up the development tree for the new partitioning
feature which I described in my last blog.

Launchpad tree

I also externalized the Worklog entry for this
development, unfortunately not a very long
description but I'll try to work on that.
There is a new test case in the mysql-test/t
directory called partition_column.test which
shows how to use these new features (it might
take some time before this link works).

Worklog description

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