Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Summary of RonDB 21.04.9 changes

 RonDB 21.04 main use case is being the base of the data management platform in Hopsworks. As such every now and then some new requirements on RonDB emerges. But obviously the most important feature of development of RonDB 21.04 is on stability.

Hopsworks provides a free Serverless use case to try out the Hopsworks platform. Check it out on https://app.hopsworks.ai. Each user gets their own database in RonDB and can create a number of tables. Then one can load data from various sources using the OnlineFS (a feature using Kafka and ClusterJ to load data from external sources into Feature Groups, a Feature Group is a table in RonDB).

Previously ClusterJ was limited to using only one database per cluster connection which led to a lot of unnecessary connect and disconnect of connections to the RonDB cluster. In RonDB 21.04.9 it is now possible for one cluster connection to use any number of databases.

In addition we did a few changes to RonDB to make it easier to manage RonDB in our managed platform.

In preparation for releasing Hopsworks 3.1 which includes RonDB 21.04.9 we extended the tests for the Hopsworks platform, among other things for HopsFS, a distributed file system that uses RonDB to store metadata and small files. We fixed all issues found in these extended tests and any other problems found in the last couple of months.

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