Thursday, August 12, 2021

RonDB and Docker Compose

After publishing the Docker container for RonDB I got a suggestion to simplify it further by using Docker Compose. After a quick learning using Google I came up with a Docker Compose configuration file that will start the entire RonDB cluster and stop it using a single command.

First of all I had to consider networking. I decided that using an external network was the best solution. This makes it easy to launch an application that uses RonDB as a back-end database. Thus I presume that an external network has been created with the following command before using Docker Compose to start RonDB:

docker network create mynet --subnet=

The docker-compose.yml is available on GitHub at

In the file rondb/21.04/docker-compose.yml for RonDB 21.04 and in rondb/21.10/docker-compose.yml for RonDB 21.10. Link to docker-compose.yml

To start a RonDB cluster now run this command from a directory where you have placed docker-compose.yml.

docker-compose up -d

After about 1 minute the cluster should be up and running and you can access it using:

docker exec -it compose_test_my1_1 mysql -uroot -p

password: password

The MySQL Server is available at port 3306 on IP using the mynet subnet

When you want to stop the RonDB cluster use the command:

docker-compose stop

Docker Compose creates normal Docker containers that can be viewed using docker ps and docker logs commands as usual.


jbenguira said...

Link to the docker-compose file is dead:

Mikael Ronstrom said...

Added a link to docker-compose.yml in blog post. Thx for the comment.