Thursday, January 16, 2020

Preview of upcoming NDB Cluster benchmark

Just a fun image from running a benchmark in the Oracle Cloud. The image above
shows 6 hours of benchmark run in a data node on a Bare Metal Server. First creating
the disk data tablespaces, next loading the data and finally running the benchmark.

During loading the network was loaded to 1.8 GByte per second, the disks was writing
4 Gbyte per second. During the benchmark run the disks was writing 5 GByte per
second in addition to reading 1.5 Gbyte per second.

All this while CPUs were never loaded to more than 20 percent. Many interesting
things to consider when running benchmarks against modern disk drives.
Bottlenecks can appear in CPUs, in disk drives, in networks and of course it is
possible to create bottlenecks in your software. But pretty satisfied above in that
we're close to the physical limits of both network and disk drives.

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Mikael Ronstrom said...

Some more details: The benchmark is a variant of the YCSB benchmark where
data is stored in Disk Data Columns in NDB. More details will come later.