Wednesday, February 28, 2018

UPDATE: MySQL Cluster 7.5 inside and out

Publishing a book internationally turned out to be a bit more complex than I
originally thought. Therefore there are three different ways to order the book
MySQL Cluster 7.5 inside and out.

The E-book which is now available world-wide.
The paperback version. This is also now available world-wide.
Finally the bound version which is available from Nordic countries
and Germany and Switzerland.

The original idea was to publish it as an E-book and as a bound book.
Given that the book is 640 pages long I felt that I wanted a bound book
to ensure that I can read the book a lot. I've got a few copies of the bound
book at home and I have it on my desk all the time together with Jesper
and Mikiyas Pro MySQL NDB Cluster book.

As it turned out the printer only had international agreements to
print paperback books with figures in black and white (the bound
version have color figures). To ensure that the book is world-wide
available I decided to also publish a paperback version.

So for example at the UK/US Amazon's bookshop the versions available are
the E-book and the paperback version.

Personally I still prefer the bound version. I discovered that a german
internet site have international delivery. So if you want to buy the bound version
of the book you can use this site:

If you have any comments on the book, any errata, you can publish a comment
on this blog. I will also publish comments to this blog every now and then when
I discover any errors or comments.

Feel free to also provide ideas for future inclusion in possible future editions of
this book.


Calvin said...

Glad to see it is out. Look forward to reading the book.

Mikael Ronstrom said...

Today I learned that the TransactionBufferMemory is a configuration parameter if you combine
the use foreign keys with NO ACTION (this means in NDB that foreign key checks are deferred
until commit time). Combining this with large transactions means that the transaction will abort
with error 293 (Inconsistent Trigger State). To avoid this it is necessary to increase the
parameter TransactionBufferMemory from 1 MByte to something bigger.

AC Scott said...

Just ordered the bound version from Germany. Looking forward to helping me think like MySQL Cluster. Thank you Mikael1