Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MySQL Cluster running 2.46M updates per second!

In a previous blog post we showed how MySQL Cluster achieved 6.82M reads per second. This is a high number. However what is also very interesting to see is how efficient MySQL Cluster is at executing updating transactions as well. We were able to push through the 1M transactions per second wall and even past the 2M transactions per second and all the way up to 2.46M transactions per second.


Matty said...

Hi Mikael, this was across 16 data nodes / 8 physical servers, right ?

So circa 153k updates per second on each node or 300k on each physical server
Great numbers !

Matty said...

Hi Mikael
this was across 16 data nodes or 8 physical servers, right ?

So 153k per data node or 300k per physical server

Great numbers !

Andy said...

That is impressive.

How many servers did you use? Was the data replicated?

Unknown said...

Please, can you share the test more details about the environment ? It will be great if you can provide it as package for linux with configuration files.

Thanks in advance.

Darpan Dinker said...


As asked by other readers, its unclear how many nodes and physical servers were used for getting 2.46M updates/s.

Also is the workload against a single indexed table, and does the index + data fit in memory ?


Mikael Ronstrom said...

This benchmark was executed with 16 data nodes on 8 physical boxes. The data was replicated. The benchmark itself was executed on separate servers.

Mikael Ronstrom said...

It was using flexAsynch programs, each flexAsynch program used its own table, all data was memory resident.