Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New version of benchmark scripts also supporting Drizzle

I updated my benchmark scripts this week. These scripts can now

- Sysbench benchmarks for MySQL and Drizzle
- DBT2 benchmarks for MySQL and MySQL Cluster
- TPC-W benchmark for MySQL Cluster

There is also a number of scripts to start and stop
MySQL, Drizzle and MySQL Cluster nodes.

In this version I added Drizzle support for sysbench and also
added a README-AUTOMATED file that describes the steps needed
to set-up a completely automated sysbench run for MySQL
and Drizzle.

To run a MySQL sysbench benchmark one needs the DBT2 tarball,
the sysbench tarball and a MySQL tarball (gzipped tarballs).

The tarball is found on www.iclaustron.com in the downloads
section and this version is named dbt2-0.37.47.tar.gz.

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