Thursday, October 13, 2005

Posted proposals for MySQL Users Conference 2006

So I made my proposals for the Users Conference actually in good time, long before the deadline of 7 november.
Have some great ideas about how I want to present MySQL Partitioning.

Want to explain the concepts of partitioning:
Partition Basics:
RANGE/LIST/HASH partitioning
and what one can do with it.
Partition Management:
How you can manage your partitions
I'm particularly fond of the things you can do with REORGANIZE.
Partition pruning:
What the MySQL Server will do to avoid using partitions not a part of your query
Partition hints:
When you want to hint the MySQL Server on what partitions to use and not rely on the optimizer.

After going through those things give some examples of how it could be applied in reality.

I am particularly excited about what you could do with partitioning also when disk data for cluster comes around.
It'll be possible to have more heterogenous clusters where one could have machines with memory based tables and
other machines full of disks to handle the disk related tables.

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